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70 and Sunny

We all wait for spring
Posted by Kelsey Fulton on May 03, 2019 in  Buying a Home  Calling North Idaho Home  Gardening  Live Where You Vacation  Waterfront
I had a nightmare that it snowed in Coeur d'Alene last night.  I woke up panicked and sad and then I realized that the sun was coming up and that it was just a dream.  One of the questions that I get asked most often about living in North Idaho is what is the weather like?  Well, let me tell you!As some of you know I have traveled all over the United States from Upstate New York to Florida to California, and everywhere in between.  I am originally from the Northwest corner of Montana, just outsi... read more
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April Market Statistics

Real Estate Markets are always changing! Here is what is happening in the North Idaho Maket
Posted by Kelsey Fulton on May 02, 2019 in  Announcements  Business  Buying a Home  Calling North Idaho Home  First Time Home Buyers  Live Where You Vacation  Northern Idaho Real Estate  Real Estate For Sale

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The Joys of Homeownership

It is a big purchase and hard to know where to start
Posted by Kelsey Fulton on April 25, 2019 in  Business  Buyers  Buying a Home  Calling North Idaho Home  First Time Home Buyers  Investments  Live Where You Vacation  Spring
Homeownership is a big deal and it took me a while to really understand the impact that it could have on me financially.  The idea of owning a home was not foreign to me (My Parent's both owned their homes as I grew up) but I didn't know what I needed to do or that I should be jumping on this bandwagon.  I am so glad that I did.When I graduated from College I had been renting a room in a house with two good friends and I was ready to move from small-town Montana to the city!  I made a huge leap of fa... read more
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It never fails that most holidays in the spring or fall are always something that the weather can easily jeopardize.  As we move closer to easter this year which is later in the spring season and the sun is shining (for now) I can't help but hope we will get to spend some much needed time outside.  This will be our daughter's second Easter but last year she was just a few months old so it was more about spending time and watching the "big kids"  This year though will be a different story with our wal... read more
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