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We all wait for spring
Posted: May 03, 2019 by Kelsey Fulton

I had a nightmare that it snowed in Coeur d'Alene last night.  I woke up panicked and sad and then I realized that the sun was coming up and that it was just a dream.  One of the questions that I get asked most often about living in North Idaho is what is the weather like?  Well, let me tell you!

As some of you know I have traveled all over the United States from Upstate New York to Florida to California, and everywhere in between.  I am originally from the Northwest corner of Montana, just outside Glacier Park.  Part of why I choose to live in Coeur d'Alene is the weather.  We have 4 very distinct seasons.  The good part, I think, is that even with the winter season it is NOT unbearably cold nor do we have so much snow that you cannot navigate the roads.  Winter is also a relatively short season compared to the other 3. 

In the Inland Northwest, we have the ability to golf from about mid-April to late October sometimes early November.  That is 7 months of good quality time.   Most of the year March-October you can hike and go to the park if you are dressed appropriately.  Investing in a good set of rain gear is worth it and extends your season considerably.  What most people don't think about is that about an hour to the east or south you can access warmer weather and a bit of sun in the winter months as well. 

Once spring arrives it quickly melts all the snow that we have in North Idaho and the days get longer quickly.  You can usually start working on your yard and garden in April, and have your plants and flowers in on Mother's day weekend.  Spring is one of my favorite times of the year as we can be outside during the day, the nights are still cooler, and seeing all the plant emerge will always be one of my favorite things.  I normally get my hearty herbs in the garden in the first week of May.  If I plant things that are not as tough to cooler temperatures I make sure to put them under a Wall of Water that protects them from the nights that we have that still drop down into the lower 30's

Here is a look at what my tomato plants look like all protected from the frost.  Once we reach June the days get warmer and much longer.  We also get to start enjoying all the water that we have around the area as well as all the recreation.  

Want more information on the weather in Coeur d'Alene?  Click HERE!  If you haven't been to visit, it is time.  If you are thinking about moving, retiring or investing in real estate in the inland northwest now is the time!  Want more?  Don't hesitate to reach out and ask!  We are here to help! #livewhereyouvacation

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