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5 Things To Improve Your Home's First Impression

Is your entry way making the impression you want it to?
Posted: April 25, 2019 by Stacey Leech

We all know that first impressions are important.  This is not only true for what you do and say but also for what your home is saying.   Often we are making a first impression on potential buyers before they walk through the front door.  What are some things that you can do to update your curb appeal?  Here are my top 5 items!  

1.  Update the hardware on your door.  As time goes by hardware gets outdated and used.  Fresh hardware can add a fresh look to your home.  You can update your doorknob and deadbolt for a very affordable price and it can have a big impact on the overall look of your front door.  Most Door handle sets at Home Depot are between $50 and $150.  Are you worried that new hardware means new keys?  Don't be! Many new locks have the ability to learn your key without a locksmith.



2.  Shut the Front, no don't shut it, paint it.  Give it a facelift.  A dirty dinged, beige front door gives a worn out dull impression.  This can be a great place to add a pop of color or at very least a fresh coat makes that worn out dull door look new again.

3. Add some plants.  Yes, plants we have all been cooped up all winter and the grass is getting greener and the days are warmer and longer.  Spruce up your front with a few plants.  If you don't have a green thumb that is okay.  Try using an evergreen tree in a pot or some ground cover.

4.  Upgrade your front porch lighting.  Fixtures change with time and often we pay attention to what is on the inside of the home neglecting to update the outdoor lights.  This also becomes more announced at this time of year as the days are longer because we aren't using the outside lights to the extent that we do in the winter months.  Updating your light fixtures can be a great facelift for your front porch.  Especially when you pair it with new hardware.

5.  Get a new doormat.  Yes, that mat that you have been wiping your feet on for at least one winter season?  It is time to get a new one.  This can add a fresh look as well as a fresh smell to your front porch and is a very minor change that can yield high results!

Want more information on what it takes to stage your home to sell?  We are here to help!  Feel free to drop us a line in the comments box we are happy to answer all your questions!

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